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My name is Hélène and I'm French so obviously or not: I speak LE French.

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This pic above is Joan Watson in Elementary (played by Lucy Liu).

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It’s amazing how a single conversation can kill your mood * sigh *

How about I try the sweater/skirt combo tomorrow? How about that?

More than anything, I think that the relationship between Cap and Widow is one that becomes a friendship and that is way more interesting than a romantic relationship. We don’t really know yet if she’s really even capable of that. Black Widow has so many trust issues that the last thing on her mind is like, “Man, I wish I had a boyfriend.” Steve Rogers is an attractive guy but I think she’s learning how to be herself —whoever herself is. This friendship is the catalyst that helps her to understand other events with Fury and helps her to understand what she wants because she’s probably never really asked herself that. That’s what we see more of developing; between the two of them is a friendship that allows her to be self-reflective.

Scarlett Johansson’s response to a question about “a hint at a romance” between Natasha & Steve in CA:TWS [X] (via chujo-hime)

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I wrote a post (in French with like two or three sentences in English) about Erasmus. It’s on geeslifeinnorwich as will be any lengthy post about my Erasmus life in the future.

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the moment that broke my heart and shattered it into million pieces and also when i heard my people cry all over the world.


Today I really wanted to come to uni later but my neighbour decided to  get some fucking work done. So here I am, sleepy as fuck, chilling at the library. 

I guess I’ll update my Erasmus tumblr now. It’s called geeslifeinnorwich go follow me bitches! I’ll do my best to make posts in several languages because I’m a freak and y’all should practice your language skills with me.

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Japanese police. =w=

So I saw this on my dash. But here’s a higher unfiltered res of it.

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I came to uni to have wifi and upload my tumblr (this one and maybe create the other one about my Erasmus year in Norwich, (Norfolk, England, United Kingdom, (maybe Europe) Earth)) but I’m doing everything except this.

  • mom: how long are you going to listen to that song
  • me: centuries





this is the most Acme image i’ve seen in my life

[Looney Tunes theme plays in the distance]

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  • me: Oh what the fuck
  • friend: what happened?
  • me: this scenario I created in my head got intense